About Paige Phelps

Paige&oscardelarenta Paige Phelps has interviewed several glamour pusses through the years, from Oscar de la Renta (charming! Swoon!) to Philippe Starck (who told her he schedules his days down to the minute--including sex with his wife.) She has been a society reporter in the tony Highland Park neighborhood of Dallas, a contributing editor at D Home when they won the Folio Gold Award for best shelter mag in the country, and Home and Garden Reporter at the Dallas Morning News. Now she freelances full time for pubs like Texas Monthly Fashion, DailyCandy, and F!D Luxe. In fact, Paige is so glamorous, she's writing this while still in her pajamas, feet up on the dining table, eating oatmeal. Oatmeal is the new black, you know.