Customize Your World--Spoonflower Goes Public


As recessionista becomes the phrase of the moment and Target replaces Barneys as a shopping mecca, nimble DIY'ers stay ahead of the pack by customizing everything. When Marimekko/Orla Kiely/Liberty are seen on too many totebags, pillows and sofas, Spoonflower offers custom printed fabrics for a mere $18 a yard. The brainchild of crafty Kim Fraser and her husband Stephen, Spoonflower had been an invitation-only site, but has just opened to all.

If scanning and vectoring are too much, you can also license designs.  You upload your design, wait a while, and then--fabric in your colorway, your pattern, to do with as you will.

I haven't ordered anything yet, as I'm still trying to figure out how I can get an approximation of Jobs Handtryk's Tistlar without actual theft and with my limited artistic skills.I've got a sofa that's crying out to be re0covered.