Clark Rockefeller Vs. The DuPont Twins: Friend Or Faux?

The curious case of Clark Rockefeller, aka Christian Gerhartsreiter,  is a  textbook example of evil  impersonation.  He's also the living embodiment of the locker-room motto--"Go big or go home".  If you're going to assume an identity, might as well assume a biggie.  (He's got a certain family resemblance, as the NY Post pointed out.)

A former German exchange student, Clark made a few missteps of style while hanging around old-money Cornish, New Hampshire--ostentatious wheels,  name dropping--but he had a better- than-expected art collection, and that's always useful.  Previously,  he'd resided  in a San Marino, CA guest house  where police are preparing to unleash ground-penetrating radar in hopes of finding traces of his former landlords, who haven't been seen since 1985.  He moved away shortly thereafter.

He's got the opportunistic knack of meeting  the right people. Turning up in Montana,  he adopted a mutt from the local shelter--where  Maggie McGuane, daughter of novelist Thomas McGuane and actress Margot Kidder,  was volunteering.  Where's Fluffy now

And long story short,  he's in custody for kidnapping his daughter off a  Boston street.  What a tangled web, etc. 

But not all fakes are so malicious.Twins

Back in the disco era, the DuPont Twins were everywhere they should have been, all the time.  Tall, blond and sweetly 17, they left their catering jobs in Connecticut (working for some woman named Martha) and hit  New York  just in time to meet Andy Warhol.  To be fair, Robert and Richard Lasko only decided on DuPont after getting advice from  Holly Woodlawn, who told them they needed a famous name.  Well, if anyone should know.....

So, they made the scene and just about everyone around ( they did drugs and Andy) and had a lot of fun.  No doubt some naifs took them to be real DuPonts, but they weren't trying to fool anyone.   Any day now, the twins are supposed to be played by Zac Efron.

Radar rounds up other impersonators, but of course, no one can really be sure how many are out there.