DG Contest: Pirri Elements Hair Products, Retail Value $88

Pirri Elements hair care products Continuing the hair theme from post below, we're pleased to offer a giveaway of Pirri Elements hair-care products, made possible by DG's friends at KMR Communications.

Developed by the Italian-born, New York-based hair stylists Luigi and Piero Pirri, the Elements line was inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean “crystal blue” sea, pure air, rich soil, and fiery volcanoes. All products include bergamot, an essential oil best known for its use in perfume, which comes from a citrus fruit native Calabria, Italy, the Pirri brothers' hometown.

Our contest winner will receive all four of the following Pirri Elements products:

Daily Shampoo: Mediterraneo
Contains essential ingredients to cleanse the hair while maintaining balance and moisture in all hair types. The product normalizes the hair, scalp and PH balance while keeping the hair looking healthy and shiny. Retail price: $20/12oz.

Daily Conditioner: Earth’s Balance
Restores moisture and smoothes the shaft of the hair while helping to combat humidity and static electricity. The product works to coat the hair and protect it from the damaging effect of heat styling. Retail price: $22/12oz

Smooth & Relaxing Serum: Lava Glaze
Relaxes the hair for a straight style or reduces frizz for a great natural air-dried look. The combination of Aloe Vera along with other essential products, work to eliminate dead ends and protects hair from the damaging effect of blow drying and UV rays. Retail price: $24/8oz

Detangler & Leave-In Conditioner: Nature’s Breeze
Smoothes tangles and mends dry ends while protecting the hair and reducing fly-aways. The product is a must-have before heat styling. Retail price: $22/8oz

To enter, leave a comment below naming your "hair ideal," past or present, real or fictional. The contest ends at midnight Pacific Time on December 20. The winner will be selected using Random.org and the prize package will be shipped directly by KMR. Contest open to U.S. residents only.