DG Q&A: Electra Lang Founders On "Sensible Chic" Clothing For Real Bodies

4) Favorite glamorous movie? Breakfast at Tiffany’s

5) What was your most glamorous moment?

Electra: Living large at the Ritz in Paris

Kristi: My wedding day. I felt beautiful, confident and on top of the world.

Laura: New York City to see my friend, Patricia Heaton’s play on Broadway. I had lucked out earlier in the day when I found a perfect Marc Jacobs 40s style dress and a pair of Dolce & Gabbana Mary Janes with lamb edges!! We had dinner at Babbo, saw the play, had drinks with the actors afterward in the theater district, then ended the night at Marie’s Crisis—I felt so tall and pretty and slender…

6) Favorite glamorous object (car, accessory, electronic gadget, etc.)?

 Electra: My old 3.0 CS leftover from when I was swingle.

Kristi: My Missoni silk pajamas

Laura: My gold and pearl cuff from Sonya Ooten that my husband gave to me on Valentine’s Day 2009.

7) Most glamorous place?

Electra: Lounging the Chateau Marçay in my Julian caftan

Kristi: Lunching at the La Colombe d'Or, in St-Paul-de-Vence, France

Laura: Positano, Italy—my Jane tunic with Capri pants, gladiators, big sunglasses and my huge straw hat---I feel like Jackie “O”

8) Most glamorous job?

Electra: Salesgirl at Fiorucci in 1976 with Joey Arais as manager!

Kristi: Being an Electra Lang partner.

Laura: Fashion Designer of course!!

9) Something or someone that other people find glamorous and you don't

Electra: Plastic Surgery

Kristi: Buying only designer labels

Laura: Living in LA, I see young women heading to clubs at night in their ubiquitous uniform: skin-tight super short black dress with stilettos. It’s boring and cheap looking.

10) Something or someone that you find glamorous whose glamour is unrecognized

Laura: A mother pushing her child on a swing in the park, laughing and enjoying the moment.

Electra: How can I top that answer!

Kristi: Agree with Laura, a mother’s love and adoration to her child is priceless!!!

11) Can glamour survive?

Kristi: Absolutely

Laura: As long as women want to feel attractive, there will be glamour—we can’t help it!

Electra: In spite of children!

12) Is glamour something you're born with?

 Electra: Yes, if you were born before 1930. For the rest of us, we have to work at it.

Kristi: For some it comes naturally.

Laura: You can definitely be born with a great eye, but it takes a bit of work to cultivate it.

1) Angelina Jolie or Cate Blanchett? CB
2) Paris or Venice? How can you choose between two lovers?
3) New York or Los Angeles? Los Angeles
4) Princess Diana or Princess Grace? Grace
5) Tokyo or Kyoto? Kyoto
6) Boots or stilettos? Boots!!! (I [Electra] have ten pairs..)
7) Art Deco or Art Nouveau? Nouveau
8) Jaguar or Aston Martin? Aston Martin
9) Armani or Versace? Armani
10) Diana Vreeland or Anna Wintour? Vreeland
11) Champagne or single malt? Some days I need BOTH.
12) 1960s or 1980s? 60s
13) Diamonds or pearls? Pearls
14) Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell? Moss
15) Sean Connery or Daniel Craig? Connery (loyal, handsome, ages well, sense of humor)

[Photos courtesy of Electra Lang: Sensible Chic]