Diaries Of A Groomzilla...

Groomzilla will return next Thursday. Right now he and Fiancé are making the final wedding arrangements and looking forward to their Big Day.

The story so far:

Part 1: "I am a groomzilla, and like the bridezilla sisters who paved the way before me, I take no responsibility for my actions. I blame my mother Jacquelyn."

Part 2: "Groomzillas are allergic to reason, at least insofar as it comes to a budget for their wedding day."

Part 3: "My Southern Baptist grandmother had a theory about gift-giving: If you put a rock in a Neiman Marcus box, someone will assume that it’s really expensive and display it proudly on his or her shelf."

Part 4: "Every bridezilla has a partner-in-crime. She is that one special friend who amplifies and validates every irrational thought, pushing the cocktail trolley through the dining cart of the crazy train."

Part 5: "Madonna the Divorcee has 4 minutes to save the world. Groomzilla has 10 days to finish a wedding. The last two weeks before the wedding are when Groomzilla at his most resplendently irrational finally tears down Tokyo brick by brick."