Glam Or Spam: Special Election Edition

We're still taking votes on this week's regular Glam or Spam, but, by popular demand, here's a special edition. What about Michelle Obama's red-and-black Narciso Rodriguez dress?


More opinions herehere, here, and here. (I'm still waiting for Robin Givhan to weigh in.) The reviews for the usually impeccably attired future first lady aren't good. The dress is the sort of thing I'd love on the rack, but it doesn't flatter her figure. And I don't like the shoes, or at least the way she stands in them. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

UPDATE: The NYT's Ruth La Ferla on the dress, with a photo of the way it looked on the runway--it was clearly designed for a skinny model--and a slide show of Michelle Obama's style.