Glamour Shots On Four Wheels

With this post, Paige Phelps joins the DG team as a regular contributor. Paige is a Dallas-based style writer and all-round glamour puss, as you can see from her bio here. We're delighted to have her on the team.--Virginia

Gs_purple Remember Glamour Shots?

Come on, admit it, you do. You and your friends (and sometimes your friend’s mom) went to the mall looking like hell--acid-washed jeans, tight-rolled at the ankle (or if it was your friend’s mom, a sweater with holiday icons on it and a broom-stick skirt) and crazy amounts of hairspray in your hair.

But no matter how suburban mall-rat you looked going into Glamour Shots, you always left with photos portraying you as the backlit Queen of Lamé, a woman who knew when to pop her collars and hold them, give a tilted-head nod, and silently seduce the camera lens. That and plus your hair was way bigger than when you went in, which was cool.

Alas, Glamour Shots, still the bastion of fashion glory at small town malls everywhere has updated its look (or, rather, toned it down). Now its shots are no different from any other senior photos. *Sigh*

Don’t worry! Now we have Josh Davis Photography to fill the gap!

From their press release: "Davis and [photographer Heather] Hillard offer glamour photo shoots with the added allure of posing with six-figure dream cars."

Two decades ago, Glamour Shots were all about capturing the "trickle down” wealth that allowed us to splurge on rhinestone necklaces and feather boas. This time around, it’s all about capturing the moment when houses cost a penny, later sold for 10 bazillion dollars, and everyone is (was?) king of their McMansion.

“Whether your blue ribbon ride is a black Ferrari F430, an Aston Martin DB9, or any other dream car you’ve worked hard to attain--you should have it professionally photographed by exotic and sports car photographer Josh Davis.” I love the should.


Yes, and it only costs you $1,000 (plus travel expenses; posters are extra). BUT if you are in a cash crunch and can't live without a photo of your car (or a close substitute), you might want to consider Josh’s boudoir photography. Fewer clothes for fewer bucks: three hours and your choice of four cars for a bargain basement $699.

I guess this trend all comes down to the fact that secretly we want to be captured for posterity at our sexiest, our richest, our most gaudy--if for no other reason than to tell the world, “I had the time and money to do this.”

My only question is, Like the Glamour Shots of yesteryear, is that something your dad will display at his office? Yowza. That’s one way to get ‘em talking.