Zoë Lund And Bad Lieutenant

Lionsgate recently announced a new special-edition DVD release of Abel Ferrara's masterwork, Bad Lieutenant. Starring Harvey Keitel as a New York cop with more than just the usual bad habits, the film is a fascinating crawl through the gutter of despair. The script was written by Ferrara and Zoë Lund, who'd previously starred in Ferrara's Ms .45. Et_z-1

Before her 1999 death, Zoë Lund, (nee Tamerlis) was beautiful, talented, willful, addicted, and brilliant. Her ex-husband, Robert Lund, maintains a website as tribute to her, and it's worth clicking around to read various interviews with her, and Ferrara's interviews about her.  She also did a little journalism, notably a tour of Julian Schnabel's loft for House and Garden.

Lund's the thinking man's cult figure. She died in Paris, tragically young, but she left a legacy of  social activism, a  novel, film  scripts, her films, and some great photos. Her husband, director Edouard De Laurot, took this one in Paris in the 80s.