DG Q & A: Diane Pernet

Reporting from Seoul, Regina Walton sent us a recent interview she did for the Korean Herald with fashionista extraordinaire, Diane Pernet. She also kindly asked Pernet our Deep Glamour questions at the Daily Projects, a clothing store and art space in the Apgujeong district of Seoul, a few minutes before she screened her latest film, A Shaded View on Fashion Film.

Pernet has been a fashion journalist and critic for heavy weights such as Elle.com and VogueParis.com. She is an associate editor for Zoo Magazine. She is also a consultant and editor for the biggest online fashion network, Igons.com. She is also works as a curator and fashion and photo scout for the d'Hyeres festival. Most important, to those plugged into both the Internet and fashion she is probably best known for having one of the most influential websites on fashion, her blog, named A Shaded View on Fashion (ASVOF). Currently, Diane travels the world showing her film at different fashion events, screenings and art spaces.

ASVOFF_DianePernet-2 (Small) Perhaps the most distinctive thing about Diane is her look. She is someone who knows the fashion industry from many angles, but, interestingly her look is static. She’s known for wearing her dark hair in a towering pompadour with a black veil, black cat eye shades, and layers of black clothing. This constant look stands in stark contrast to her pale white skin and dramatic rogue lips.

DG: 1) How do you define glamour?

Pernet: I guess I never really define it. Glamour, I mean, is just something that really catches your eye. It’s very elegant. I like refined more than glitzy, although I can appreciate lots of different things. I’m probably am a bit of a definition of it myself, maybe, because it’s just elegance, a little mystery and refinement. Glamour doesn’t have to be really loud. It can be very subtle but you notice it.

DG: 2) Who or what is your glamorous icon?

Pernet: I don’t really have a glamour icon. I love things like Alexander McQueen, John Galiano, a little of the past and a little of the present because he did amazing things. Marios Schwab has done some things that are very glamorous. There is a glamour also in Gareth Pugh. It’s a dark glamour. Then you have more classic glamour like Dolce and Gabbanna and Versace.

Then the haute couture is the most glamorous, by definition. It’s a laboratory of ideas with no budget restrictions.

DG: 3) Is glamour a luxury or a necessity?

Pernet: It’s a luxury. You make your own glamour. [She then pointed out Junghee Lee, the founder of the Daily Projects store. Lee was wearing a cream colored long formal dress and a mink wrap, but instead of matching it with formal shoes and coifed hair, she did the opposite and wore casual shoes and tousled hair.] What Junghee is wearing today is glamour. It’s contemporary glamour. It’s beautiful. It’s totally elegant but it’s also street and also casual. I like people to see the woman and not feel the clothes are speaking louder than the woman. And that’s something so organic.

DG: 4) Favorite glamorous movie?

Pernet: La Dolce Vita or almost anything by Fellini. Visconti's Death in Venice or Antonioni's l'Aventura.

DG: 5) What was your most glamorous moment?

Pernet: A party for the British Fashion Council at 10 Downing Street. None of us could actually believe that we were there.

DG: 6) Favorite glamorous object ?

Pernet: An Edwardian beaded black cape I bought to wear to the British Council Fashion Awards

DG: 7) Most glamorous place?

39_Santiago-de-CompostelaPernet: Santiago de Compostela

DG: 8) Most glamorous job?

Pernet: I suppose when I was a fashion designer.

DG: 9) Something or someone that other people find glamorous and you don't?

Pernet: Vulgarity.

DG: 10) Something or someone that you find glamorous whose glamour is unrecognized?

Pernet: Charlotte Rampling, although I'm sure plenty of people find her glamorous.

DG: 11) Can glamour survive?

Pernet: Glamour is manmade and as long as people want to make the effort, it will survive.

DG: 12) Is glamour something you're born with?

Pernet: No, I think that glamour is cultivated. Dita Von Teese is a perfect example. She said that she was a girl from the midwest who looked up to burlesque stars like Betty Paige and others who through the use of make-up, a hair style, gestures and clothes became glamour icons.DitaVonTeeseL_800x521

Pernet declined to play our Either/Or game. As Diane Vreeland said, "Elegance is refusal."