RIP: Rockie Gardiner, Astrologer

Long time LA Weekly astrologer, Rockie Gardiner, died on Halloween at 11:11 am.  Talk about your transits!

Gardiner was a must-read for just about everyone who picked up alt-press papers.  A native New Yorker, she moved to LA in 1966, and  was  said to have dated Jim Morrison,  who  wrote LA Woman about her.   She lived in Valley Glen, worked from home, and had a special passion for Super Bowl Sunday. (She was a Sag, of course.)

As an astrologer, she predicted Ronald Reagan would die in office and that Jesse Jackson would be a Vice-Presidential candidate. Never mind--we're not keeping score.  Her horoscopes were fun to read, and if your week didn't look promising, things would get better soon.  Even non-believers noticed when Rockie said Mercury was retrograde.   She'll be missed.

As her column often said:

Rockie is soaking up atmosphere and astrological insight.

Update: Her son, Jeremy Gardiner, wrote an obit in the Weekly.