The Secret To Glamorous Feet


First, you should buy shoes that are comfortable enough that you aren't in pain. But even the world's most comfy shoes, like these, can chafe--and limping around with blisters is not glamorous or even attractive. And, of course, it hurts. Band-Aids are only a slight improvement.

At our family's recent gay wedding, my shopping-savvy sister-in-law Debbie (not one of the brides) introduced me to the solution: Band-Aid's Blister-Block Stick. It worked like a charm, keeping my heels blister-free for hours in these shoes. Since the wedding, I've searched CVS, Target, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart in vain for Blister Block. I've tried online, even placing an order from one place, only to be told the product isn't in stock. I've emailed J&J, with no reply. Surely they haven't done away with the product. It's featured on the Band-Aid home page! (But the link goes to a page full of plastic strips.) If you know where to get it, please let me know. In the meantime, via Amazon, I did find a close substitute that seems to work (though I'm not convinced it holds up quite as long).

The shoes, btw, are these bargains, from DSW, which, alas, does not have an affiliates program that would allow DeepGlamour to get a cut of any sales. (Please do patronize our advertisers to the right, all of which are affiliates programs.)