The Value Of Bedrooms

One of the 2008 Cialis commercials portrayed the danger of dropping everything else in order to enjoy impromptu sex at home.

A recent series of Cialis ads has featured domestic places like kitchen islands beginning to overflow with water and then the whole kitchen transforming into a tropical outdoor scene. One ends with a couple lounging in individual claw-foot bathtubs at the beach, a shot that understandably baffles viewers. (Does anyone understand it?)

The only discussion that I have seen about the outdoor aspect of these ads speculates that taking Cialis for Daily Use means that a man can be ready for action if the mood strikes while he’s at the beach or in the jungle.

If the thought of outdoor lovemaking is supposed to be a turn-on, I have to say “no thanks.” In my limited experience there is nothing like being bitten by mosquitoes or horseflies to wreck the mood. Or noticing that the tick that just fell on your blanket is trying to join the party. And even worse than sharing your love nest with creepy-crawlies is spotting three fishermen trying to sneak up for a better view.

That last experience ended my interest in outdoor playing around. Being inside a house or a tent may seem less adventurous, but I find privacy and bug-free environments infinitely more conducive to the mood.