Visual Lying At Vogue/Poor Reading Skills At

Sienna miller-thumb-347x481-3040 Amy Alkon points out that the spirit of Emily Latella is with us yet.  Steven Waldman, blogging at, worked up a good lather over Vogue's insidious use of Photoshop:

Apparently, Vogue took Siena Miller's head and stuck it on someone else's body (presumably because Miller's actual body was so grotesque).

But they didn't. Vogue stuck Miller's head on her own body. Two different photos, composited.

Here's where the fun really begins. Waldman links to a Huffington Post story about the new documentary, The September Issue.  Danny Shea writes:

"The September Issue," the new documentary about Vogue which screened at Sundance, has unearthed its first juicy tidbit: the magazine photoshopped Sienna Miller's head onto a different photo of her body.

Did Waldman actually read the piece or did he just find the headline and slam in a link?  Must have, since he can't spell her name correctly.   He gets pretty righteous about all this "visual lying":

Is this a victimless crime? I don't think so. Each girl or woman who models themselves after ever-more unrealistic notions of beauty -- and dislike themselves when they don't reach that standard -- suffer from these lies.

Yes, and Wonderbras, Miss Clairol, tinted contacts, and Spanx are just as guilty, I'm sure. Get a grip, dude. (Is it weird that has an ad for California

Speaking of Photoshop, Waldman might want to rethink his own headshot.