Wednesday Shades: Glamour From Gucci

The fastest way to look glamorous is to put on sunglasses. (Witness today's DG banner.) They make you look mysterious, prevent unattractive squinting, and cover dark circles better than the world's best concealer. They come in all shapes, colors, and personalities. No wonder they're the hot new accessory. Pick your persona.

Cool and elegant in a LBD:

Gucci Sunglasses - 1546/S:GG 1546/S-0BNY

Tan and timeless in a Diane von Furstenburg jungle-print wrap dress:

Gucci Sunglasses - 2931/S:GG 2931/S-0EGQ

Rockin' that Juicy Couture (or T-shirted at Race for the Cure):

Gucci Sunglasses - 2563/S:2563/S-0PR3