What Is It About Redheads And Hats?

_MG_8302_MG_8164 Selected photos from DeepGlamour's “You’re the Top” birthday party and Fashion Walk celebration are now up in the DeepGlamour Flickr pool. These two shots are from the many photo-booth portraits, which I’m still sorting through.

One striking fact is the disproportionate representation of redheads (persimmon-tressed?) among the guests and especially among those with interesting hats. Perhaps those with flame-colored hair are used to the head-oriented attention a hat commands. 

Amy Alkon In addition to these ladies, Advice Goddess Amy Alkon carried off one of the evening’s largest hats, an Amy Downs creation, with her usual aplomb. “I’d dress this way all the time,” she said, “but people look at you funny.” (Or words to that effect.) It might be tough to be a shy redhead, but Amy wouldn’t know.

Forgotten_fashion_faux_trendsOur book-signing redhead Kate Hahn came hatless, but we forgive her because Forgotten Fashion is so much fun. Besides, its auburn-haired cover muse doesn’t have a hat either.

If you couldn’t come to the party, you can still get a signed copy of the book for $9.95 plus shipping. Order it here no later than Labor Day, September 7.

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