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Amazon's "Marketplace" Trust Problem

Here's an interesting article on a problem for Amazon customers: "genuine" replacement parts that aren't. Perhaps because Amazon's Marketplace has grown so large, a lot of phony claims have slipped in--including ones on products actually fulfilled by Amazon.

The good news in all instances – and not coincidentally Amazon's ultimate defense – is that Amazon was willing to take everything back and pay return shipping. The not-Canon toner cartridge went back (repurchased at Costco), the Lenovo battery went back (ordered later from NewEgg.com) and the faux Dirt Devil filters, which I kept, led to an accepted offer of a $10 promotional credit to cover the price difference.

Was I satisfied? Yes. Was I happy?

You can guess the answer to that. This sort of "voice" criticism is as important as the "exit" to other sellers, and, judging from the comments, Amazon needs more of it on this subject. Too few customers are using the quality control mechanisms described in the comments by honest sellers.

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