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The latest manifestation of California's compulsion to pass a law against anything anyone thinks is a bad idea: The Assembly has voted to forbid everyone under 18 from using a tanning booth. (Current law requires a parent's written permission.) From the SacBee report:

For teenagers who think California government doesn't care about the color of their skin, the Assembly proved otherwise Thursday.

Legislators fear that too many youngsters are getting too much tan.They approved AB 2193, by a vote of 42-26, to prohibit minors from using indoor tanning booths without a doctor's prescription.

If signed into law, the measure would affect countless thousands of youngsters who crave a golden glow before a party, prom or just for fun.

Assemblyman Joe Nation, a San Rafael Democrat who proposed the bill, said the evidence is clear that indoor tanning - like outdoor tanning - can cause skin cancer.

"I think it is the proper role of government to minimize the exposure of kids to known carcinogens," Nation said.

Yes, tanning booths are bad for you. So are a lot of things--including going to the beach without sunscreen. Is that next on the list of California regulations? I wouldn't be surprised.

Stay tuned for more in this never-ending story...

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