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"Funemployment" Is an Interesting Phenomenon

But how do these happily out-of-work people pay their bills? Isn't that a basic question reporter Kimi Yoshino should answer before leaping into discussions of "narcissism" and the "generational shift"? What makes funemployment financially possible? Are these people living on savings? Spouses? Credit cards? In a market full of (f)unemployed journalists, a paid reporter ought to cover the basics.

UPDATE: I'm embarrassed to say that I read over the explanatory clause. Reader Jens Fiederer points out the relevant sentence: "Buoyed by severance, savings, unemployment checks or their parents, the funemployed do not spend their days poring over job listings." I would still like more details. Many recession articles implicitly demonstrate what a rich country this is, but this one does it more explicitly than most. I owe Kimi Yoshino an apology for being snarky about an interesting story.

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