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Under prodding, Instapundit takes a non-horserace stand on outsourcing. He agrees with Dan Pink.

There's nothing wrong with predicting that something will be a political issue. But if you aren't just a horserace reporter, it's customary to say what you think the right stand is. Nobody says "gay marriage will be a political issue" and simply lets the reader guess their own views.

On reflection, I think I'm reacting to the economics (or lack of same), not the politics, of Glenn's posts on the subject. Often, his views on the international division of labor, a.k.a. outsourcing, sound a lot like some libertarians' views of drug use: "I'm against it as a practice, but I don't think the government should try to stop it." Can I prove that's what he thinks? Not at all. In fact, he may not even think that at all. But he leaves it for the reader to fill in the blanks. He's coy.

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