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My Latest Excuse for Not Blogging More

In 14 years of living in Los Angeles, including five in an apartment with no security (not even a garage door), I was never robbed. In four years in Dallas, I've had my car broken into and now my house broken into.

Yesterday I walked out my front door at around 2:30 to do some errands and came back a couple of hours later. The door looked like this:


Someone had jimmied the steel door open enough to break the locks. Fortunately, nothing was taken, probably because the would-be robbers were scared off by the tweeting of the alarm system. (The alarm itself was not set at the time.) We got off easy, but coming home to a break-in was a scary experience, especially since Steve is teaching night classes this term. I was pretty shaken.

And it was a big hassle. I couldn't leave the house yesterday, and I spent this morning with a locksmith, who replaced the broken lock with a high-security Medeco deadbolt that seems screwdriver-proof. At least the steel door means we didn't have to buy a new door as well. Since Dallas is crime-ridden, and property crimes are a low priority, the police took only a phone report.

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