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No Escape from West Nile?

Since I lived 14 years in L.A. and never saw a mosquito, I figured the best way to avoid West Nile virus--not to mention a lot of itchy bites--was to get out of mosquito-infested Dallas and head back. But no. Today's L.A. Daily News reports that L.A. County is full of West Nile cases:

As Los Angeles County's 100th case of West Nile virus was confirmed Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors took steps to assert sweeping new powers to enter private property to eradicate mosquito-breeding spots.

With Los Angeles County cases surpassing those in San Bernardino County, previously hardest hit in the state, the supervisors directed lawyers, health authorities and the agricultural commissioner to draft an ordinance to let officials go onto private property anywhere in the county and clean up standing water in which mosquitoes can breed.

Where are these mosquitoes? Apparently not on the Westside.

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