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Pelosi's Seven (or so) Veils

PH2007040600561.jpgThere is nothing intrinsically degrading or unattractive about a headscarf. Selected and tied properly, a scarf can be quite glamorous, adding just the right amount of mystery. (I've seen some Muslim women on the streets of L.A. who should do ads for hijab.) But I agree with the wise Manolo's advice "for the future...the Speaker Nancy should tie the scarf behind the head, instead of under the chin, and push it back slightly from the forehead so that she does not look so much like the tiny little Sicilian peasant woman out for the afternoon of grape-stomping." Robin Givhan is right about being prepared but too kind about the photos. (A Republican wearing the same outfits wouldn't have fared as well under her scrutiny.) It's not enough to bring Hermes. You have to tie it right.

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