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Pre-Order THE FABRIC OF CIVILIZATION and Get a Handwoven Bookmark

I've recently started weaving on a small inkle loom, used for making straps and bands —or in this case bookmarks to go with The Fabric of Civilization.

Here's how to get your own bookmark:

1) Pre-order the book at any of these links: Amazon here, Barnes & Noble here, Books-a-Million here, Indiebound (independent bookstores) here, Target here.

2) Email a copy of your receipt and the mailing address for the bookmark to me at vp at vpostrel.com. Please note that Amazon receipts cut off the address partway through, so you'll need to type the whole thing.

3) The first 30 50 people to respond by April 30 will get bookmarks. (I made more!)

Pre-orders help draw attention to new books by boosting their first-week sales. And while you wait, you can put your bookmark to good use.

Thanks to Patricia Isenberg and Jason Woertink for sharing photos of their bookmarks. When yours arrives, please email me a picture!

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