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The FTC Thinks You're Stupid. I Want You to Shop.

I posted the following notice on DeepGlamour yesterday.

DeepGlamour is an Amazon affiliate. Virginia Postrel receives a percentage of the purchase price on anything you buy through one of our Amazon links, including purchases you make while on Amazon that we did not link directly to.

The Federal Trade Commission demands that we tell you this — they think you're idiots and are violating the First Amendment with their regulation of what bloggers publish — but it's also a friendly reminder to Support DeepGlamour by starting all your Amazon shopping here.

We also get money or in-kind compensation from places that have ads on the site, our contest prizes are donated, and Virginia receives review copies of lots of books (most of which never get mentioned on the site and end up donated to the Westwood branch of the L.A. Public Library). But you could probably figure that out on your own.

Now that we've complied with federal regulations, how about a little shopping?

The same applies to Dynamist, except I don't run contests here.

Other good responses to the FTC regs here and here.

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