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The Lure of the Suburbs

In response to my comments about my neighbors moving to the suburbs, reader Kevin Maquire writes:

To carry the theme of your hotel upgrade column, yards and parks aren't equivalent goods, particularly fenced yards. Even if the park is across the street. While you could take your unfolded laundry or your domestic paperwork down to the park, it's a lot easier in your own yard. Your kids can leave their toys out overnight in your yard. You can watch your kids out the kitchen window while you wash dishes, cook a meal, or work on your computer.

Finally, it's not acceptable for adult or teenage strangers to be in your yard, particularly the living-in-the-park sort of strangers common to urban parks in some cities.

Not to mention the dog poop you find in our local park, thanks to dog owners who are only half-civilized.

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